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Providing HIV Medical and Social Services Throughout Arkansas

The ARcare HIV Special Services Program provides HIV Case Managment, Medical Case Management, access to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), and other social services at our 14 Service Access Centers located throughout Arkansas through subgrant funding from the Ryan White Part B Grant  administered by the Arkansas Department of Health.
We provide direct, comprehensive primary care and HIV medical services, HIV medical case management services and other support servcies provided through our Ryan White Part C funded HIV Care Program for HIV positive patients in the 19 counties of North Central and North East Arkansas.  These services are provided at the ARcare Medical Clinics in Jonesboro, Batesville, Kensett, and Conway. 
We also provide HIV services for Women, Infants, Children, and Youth through our Ryan White Part D funded program for eligible patients in 53 counties of Northwest, Southwest, North Central, and Northwest Arkansas.  HIV medical services are provided either directly by ARcare or by one of our contracted providers throughtout the state.

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